Sunday, February 12, 2012

Strut your cuts - week 7

This week I do not have any of the cartridges listed so I utilised the gyspy preloaded cartridges. They have some great features and the different layers available are definitely a scrapbookers dream.

My friends adore there three dogs ("children") - Charlie, Sally and Pippa. So with one of my friends having a birthday and not quite sure what to get, I opted for the heartfelt centimental gift by scrapbookking their beloved dogs, which I will admit are extremely adorable. 

Gypsy wanderings was mostly used with this layout, with some lettering cut from Gypsy font. This was a very simply technique page this week as I wanted to see what I could do if I limited myself to just the basics. The hardest part of this lay out for me was coming up with the 10 treasured things the dogs love about their owners, keeping in mind their different personalities. 
I welded the border together which I used from gyspy wandering so it would fit the twelve inch page. Normally I would consider using glossy clear ascents but as it was going into a frame I did not want to risk the chance that in years to come with the temperature changes that it would end up sicking to the glass.

The End result was that my friend loved their gift as it showed off their treasured 4 legged children.

Hope you get some inspiration from this and if you have a gyspy you have to check out gyspy wanderings and the different layers. 

Happy Scrappin!!!

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