Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pink is for Pinky - LESSology Challenge #13

My LESSology Challenge #13 Entry -

A couple of weeks ago I did a little clean out of my craft crates, low and behold I found these two little draw units that can be hung or free standing. I happen to mention to Mandy from Scrappy Go Lucky that I can not believe I had forgotten I had these and a number of other items I had picked up from an op shop. Mandy mentioned the LESSology challenge #13 and encouraged me to enter this. So knowing Mandy was doing up Sophie's room, and it was going to be pink, I decide to make a little room warming gift for Sophie.

Little did I know, or maybe I did, that this gift would end up taking on a life of its own and take a little longer than anticipated. But seeing the look on Sophie's face was priceless.
I used cricut cartridges Art Philosophy and Gypsy font. I welded the letters together so that I had Sensational Sophie and Princess Pinky. Pinky of course is Sophie's nickname.

Using pink card stock I used a flower and swirl embossing folder which I pre cut sizes to fit sections of the house. These embossed pieces I then used making memories specialty glaze - Rose Petal to highlight the edges and the raised embossed areas. Using patterned card stock I cut out the required size for each compartment. Once these pieces were all stuck down I then cut some little pieces of dowl and painted them with rose petal then glued them to the back of the compartments then attached some old buttons to the ends.

Then came all the ribbon and beads that were used to highlight around the house and the individual compartments. I think I managed to use 1/3 of a bottle of zip dry paper glue on this gift. But it is the best as it is not only strong it also dries quickly. Sometimes a little to quickly so I found upon attaching the beads.

I then attached the personalised names for each house to the top roof lines. Of course what kind of gift would it be without clear and pink bling. Ribbon was then attached down both sides so Sophie can attach her hair clips to them. Yes, these two houses are functional in that they have been decorated to house all of Sophie's hair accessories.

 Lastly using the flowers cut from Art Philosophy which you roll up to create a dimensional flower I attached the finishing touches. A great tool that can help with assembling these flowers is a quilling slotted tool.

Sophie and Mandy love these units and know they sit proudly in Pinky's newly decorated room with a super cool bed. 

Happy Scrappin!!!!