Thursday, April 7, 2011

If I can not find it I make it!!!

I have mentioned before that I will make something if I can not find what I am looking for. So when I saw something that Mandy from Scrappy-Go-Lucky brought back from the USA I thought about how I wanted something to hold my beloved copic pens. Here is what I came up with.

Although I started out with just wanting to have a swivel based holder just for the pens, I ended up elaborating on my prototype and added draws so I could keep all my copic stuff together. The middle draw holds your A5 copic size paper and memento ink perfectly.

By simply turning my copic pen caddy around I have my different colours at easy reach and also the opposite draw to my paper draw is the perfect size for At You Spica pens that have to lay horizontaly so the sparkerly bits do not go to the bottom and also protects the nibs. All in all I felt I had a very productive and busy weekend. Since I have shown you my creation I thought I would show you why I love copic pens so much. Below are just a few examples of cards I have made and stamps I have coloured in.

I also like to make things with a little more dimension, so I will often cut or stamp an image a number of times and build up layers by cutting away a different section with each layer so it builds the image up more, plus you will need foam or gel dots.


Other ways to make things dimensional is to use clear strips then attach your cut out image on one end and attach to the card on the other end. As you can see above the blue birds look like they are floating freely infront of the card.

Then we have Jack and the Girlfriends stamps which again I got from Mandy. I am still working on a little story for my Girlfriends.