Monday, December 20, 2010

Stay tuned for these project updates

With my Christmas Holiday coming up I thought I would tackle some projects that I have been wanting to do for awhile.

Stage One preview:

Thanks to Mandy of Scrappy Go Lucky that got in the cricut light cartridges here in Australia, as there was one there that as a mother of 11 and 8 year old boys is a must. Yes, I am referring to "Dude". My son is obessed with his skate board and scooter, but he is forever losing the tools he uses on them. Whilst cleaning up my scrapbooking area I found the perfect size box which has a magnetic flap that secures the contents inside. I used the cri-kit gel pens and of course design studio so I could align the shadow that was required to cut it out on the cricut. So stay tuned for an updated look on the finish product.

The other project to watch out for is a scrapbooked canvass, and what better topic then my special night at the Regional Small Business Awards. Mandy again had the perfect product for me (embossing foil and cricuit tool) which was also the perfect colour match to the dress I wore. I used a couple of different mediums on the canvass, first was the textured paste and secondly was flow medium; this product gives a tranparency to the paint, smoother finish and still the right consistancy so you can work your magic.  On this canvass I used masking tape in different areas to get my squares, once dried I then repositioned the tape. You will see how where the squares overlap the colour is darker. the cartridge I have used so far is "Mothers Day". 

The Cricuts Versatility

Not only does the Cricut give you the options of cutting things at any desired size it is well and truly a time saver. A years ago it took me two weeks to do my sons football team banner with each letter having to be hand drawn and cut. This year it took me two nights after work to complete, not only that but I even had more writing on it this year and did both sides of the banner. With many of the boys hitting their 50 game milestone next year I look forward to it eagerly instead of with fear. The important thing to remember is to get a light weight gsm paper, I used about a 80gsm, it cut perfectly and was not to heavy for the crepe paper banner which stood @2m x 3m wide.